April 2017

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DO YOU KNOW ELIZABETH CHAI? Coffee aficionado and photographer extraordinaire. 
by Ellie Bradley

IT'S IN THE BAG: Coffee packaging says a lot about the roaster and the beans. What are your coffee bags saying? by Ellie Bradley & Rachel Sandstrom Morrison

MILK ON TAP: Logistically challenging, yet indisputably cool. Are milk taps worth the hassle? by Ellie Bradley & Rachel Sandstrom Morrison

WELCOME TO MIAMI: Known for sun, fun, and rhythm, one thing Miami was not known for was specialty coffee. Until recently. by Willona M. Sloan

GOOD GENES: Looking to genetic resource conservation to protect coffee's future. by Chris Ryan

WHO'S BEHIND MYANMAR COFFEE? An introduction to the hardworking people behind your favorite "new" origin. by Joel Shuler & Amy VanNocker


BEHIND THE BAR: Anchorhead Coffee, Seattle, Washington by Ellie Bradley

CAFÉ OUTFITTER: All Things Sparkling

IN HOUSE: Tone-Setting Tunes by Carimé Lane

 How To Build a Pop-Up Tea Studio by Jeffrey McIntosh

NINE BAR, PART I: Weights and Measures: Espresso's Digital Reality
by Rachel Northrop

NINE BAR, PART II: The New Wave of Tampers by Michael Butterworth

ORIGIN: The Premature Aging of Coffee by Josué Morales

ORIGEN: El Envejecimiento Prematuro del Café by Josué Morales

CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Commune, Manila, Philippines by Rina Diane Caballar

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