April 2018

$ 5.00

THE PRICE OF GREEN COFFEE: Breaking down the various factors that add dollars to the cost of every container of specialty coffee. By Rachel Northrop

NEW LIFE FOR DECAF: Gone are the days when decaf meant dead flavors in the cup. By Michael Butterworth 

THAILAND: READY FOR TAKEOFF: A new generation of importers and roasters is helping Thailand’s specialty coffee industry get off the ground. By Rachel Northrop 

COSTA RICA HARVEST REPORT 2017–18: Farmers and their families gear up
for the busiest time of year. 
By Perry Czopp

HO CHI MINH CITY CAFÉ CRAWLVietnam’s young coffee professionals drive quality in the city’s cafés and on the country’s farms. By Dan Petrisor 


#TRENDING: Coffee liqueurs by Jodi Helmer

CAFFEINATION DESTINATION: Palm Springs Coffee Crawl by Quintan Valles

CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Bar Termini, London by Elizabeth Hotson

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