August 2018

$ 5.00


THE LEGENDARY TEA OF JIRI MOUNTAIN: The lives of tea makers run fast in this hallowed, wild-growing region dating back over 1,200 years, but is the future for tea here running out of time? By Josh Doyle

CHOOSE YOUR CRITERIA, FIND YOUR GREEN: Green coffee procurement, part two. By Rachel Northrop


THE FILTER: World of Coffee by Michael Butterworth

#TRENDING: Shrubs by S. Michal Bennett

BEHIND THE BAR: Don Francisco Coffee Casa Cubana by Michael Butterworth

NINE BAR: Making Sure Cold Brew is Food Safe by Rachel Northrop

PAIRINGS: Oakland, CA’s Peerless Coffee + 5-Star Food by Lon LaFlamme

THE LAST PLASTIC STRAW: Chicago cafés ditch plastic straws by Robin Roenker

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