July 2014

$ 5.00

THIRD-WAVE JUAN VALDEZ: Can Colombia's biggest icon reinvent his own country's coffee culture? by Peter D'Amato

PLUGGED-IN CAFÉ: The tech that doesn't make drinks but makes drinks possible by Cory Eldridge

BLENDED BLISS: Elevating blender favorites with exceptional ingredients
by Regan Crisp

BEHIND THE BAR: Proud Mary, Melbourne by Cory Eldridge

IN HOUSE: Tech's transformation of the coffee supply chain
by Cristina Valverde

THE WHOLE LEAF: Nomadic Cardamom by Linda Villano

FIRST CRACK: Coffee in the garden of old and new by Spencer Perez

NINE BARS: Discovering Japanese Iced Coffee by Peter Guiliano

CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Henry's House of Coffee, San Francisco by Regan Crisp


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