May 2018

$ 5.00

SMALL PANTRY, BIG MENU: Syrups are the secret ingredient to save your menu from getting stale. By Levi Andersen

MAKE IT SPARKLE: Effervescent beverages are popping up in cafés everywhere, but there are a few important considerations to dial in before you bubble upBy Kaitlin Throgmorton 

CAFEMINISM: Reflections on inclusivity, diversity, and fairness in the specialty coffee industry. By Anastasia Prikhodko

FOOD INTEGRATION LAB: Coffee Fest seminar prepares culinary programs for success. By Peter Szymczak


#TRENDING: Cannabis Tea by K. Astre

NINE BAR: The Barista League by Rachel Northrop

CAFÉ CROSSROADS: The Folks, Taipei City, Taiwan by Laura Russell

CAFFEINATION DESTINATION: Chicago's Logan Square by Carrie Pallardy

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