October 2016

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DO YOU KNOW PHILIP BROWN? Owner of Perc Coffee in Savannah, Georgia. by Cory Eldridge

 Cafés aren't just expected to offer an alternative milk (or three) but to know how to make fantastic drinks from them. by Ellie Bradley & Cory Eldridge

CREATIVES IN THE CAFÉ: Bringing art and music into your café is more than decoration and ambiance. by Sara Hodon

THE FARM'S CAFÉ: In Antigua, Guatemala, Finca Bella Vista not only has a café to serve its coffee but brings in baristas from consuming countries to help bolster their craftby Garrett Oden

CLOSER TO A LIVING WAGE: Coffee farm laborers are the most vulnerable actors in the coffee supply chain. The next step is to guarantee them a living wage. by Miguel Zamora


BEHIND THE BAR: Ipsento 606, Chicago by Cory Eldridge

CAFÉ OUTFITTER: Cupping Tools by Ellie Bradley

IN HOUSE: Coffee Careers by Brian Helfrich

 Launching a Tea Program by Jennie Ripps

THE WHOLE BEAN: Legacy Roasting: the Challenge and Reward by Luigi Di Ruocco

NINE BARS: Guiding Customers in the Sensory Realm by Teresa Pilarz

ORIGIN: The Problem of Faulty Processing Equipment by Rachel Northrop

CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Dark Arts Coffee & I Will Kill Again, London by Ellie Bradley

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