September 2017

$ 5.00

HEALTH BENEFITS FOR EMPLOYEES: Overcoming barriers along the path to insurance. 
By Ellie Bradley

BEYOND CITY LIGHTS: Rural specialty coffee quietly does it all. By Rachel Northrop 

COSTA RICA: Part One: Connecting to origin through coffee tourism. By Perry Czopp

COFFEE IN BUCHAREST: The rise of specialty coffee in Bucharest, Romania. By Shannon Kelly


BEHIND THE BAR: Shearwater Coffee Bar, Fairfield, Connecticut. By Ellie Bradley

CAFÉ OUTFITTER: Drinking Chocolate

IN HOUSE: Creating an Employee Handbook by Michael Butterworth

THE WHOLE LEAF: Blending In or Standing Out? The Future of Flavored Tea by Leonard Nima

NINE BAR: Self-Care in the Service Industry by Michael Ryan

ORIGIN: Part One: The Unlikely Climb of a Honduran Agronomist by Garrett Oden

FORK & KNIFE: Coffee Pairings: Cheese by Madeleine Coghlan

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