August 2010 (A to Z Coffee and Tea House Manual)

$ 10.00

Your Future on Paper: A well-written business plan can land financing, keep a shop on track  by Kris Larson
Spot Check: When scouting that perfect location, keep your café concept top of mind  by Bruce Milletto
Have Funds Out There: Savvy operators combine multiple finance methods to cover start-up costs by Chris Legler
Avoiding Build-Out Blunders: Save big by doing your homework before signing a lease by Tom Palm

Coffee’s Wondrous World: Tracking the evolution of specialty beans through the eyes of veteran George Howell  by Chris Ryan
Many Methods, One Goal: A primer on espresso, brewed coffee and the pursuit of maximum flavor
by Gail Powers
Your Bean Supplier—and Confidant: Roasting companies serve shops in a host of different ways
by Dan Leif
The Decaf Dollars: While competitors let their brews waste away, yours can reel in regulars
by Rebecca Ragain
Tea-riffic Additions: Bring the leaf onto your menu in a variety of forms  by Manish Shah & Sarah Price

Find Your Dream Machine: Making sense of all the options in espresso equipment  by Terry Ziniewicz
Smallware Smarts: Find mugs, plates and pitchers that suit your space  by Rebecca Ragain
The Tools of Tea: What you need to start steeping—from water filtration to boilers to POS  by Chris Cason
Good Taste in Cleaning: Maintaining your equipment can pay dividends  by Chris Ryan

Spelling it Out: Order up profits with a well-planned menu  by Chris Ryan
It’s the People, Stupid: When you hire and train a great staff, success takes
care of itself  by Matt Milletto
Marketing Without the Moola: How to build big buzz on a tiny budget  by Dan Leif
Send the Right Signal: Navigating the increasingly tricky world of Wi-Fi   by Chris Rodriquez
Control the Chaos: Checklists, worksheets and other simple tools
keep you on task  by Ed Arvidson

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