December 2015: Tea Almanac

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SLEEPING AMONG THE LEAVES: Seeing and living the pu-erh process.
by Nicholas Lozito

THIRD FLAVORS: Teas shine bright when paired with the right food.
by Rachel Safko

TEA TOUR: NEW YORK CITY: A revival of teahouse culture is bringing tea back to the city. by Liz Clayton

THE ACCIDENTAL ARTISAN: David De Candia, from warehouse manager to tea ambassador. by Cory Eldridge

BOULDER DUSHANBE TEAHOUSE: Boulder, Colorado by Abbie Mood

SONG TEA & CERAMICS: San Francisco by Regan Crisp

PLAIN OF SIX GLACIERS TEAHOUSE: Alberta, Canada by Jessica Woollard

Pip's Original built its business on two things: doughnuts and chai. by Regan Crisp

A STORY IN FOUR FLUSHES: Jeff Koehler tells the history and future of Darjeeling. by Cory Eldridge

TEA OF THE UNITED STATES: American tea gets its first taste of appraisal at the TOTUS Awards. by Kevin Gascoyne

SOURCING CEREMONY: Talking matcha with Lauren Purvis. by Regan Crisp

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