June 2002: Coffee Almanac

$ 5.00

· Currents in Specialty Coffee: Market Trends, Producing Regions & A Look at a Year in Coffee
· Coffee Losses One Farmer’s Life in Coffee
· Roaster Meets Grower: A Relationship in Coffee
· Craft Roasting: Specialty Coffee’s Past & Future
· Codes of a Fundamentalist Cupper: The Pursuit of Great Coffee
· Fast Coffee: How the Espresso Machine Came to Be
· Espresso Exposed: Why the Average Espresso is Not What It Seems to Be
· Calling the Shots: Will American Barista Ever Earn the Respect They Deserve?
· Adventures in Turk Kahvesi Navigating the Traditions of Coffee in Turkey
· The Latté Gambit Seattle & the American Coffee Scene
· Coming of Age in Coffee: A Consumer’s Journey Into Coffee Connoisseurship
· Where Do We Go From Here?

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