June 2004: Coffee Almanac

$ 5.00

· Trends In Coffee: Global Stirrings, Local Buzz
· The Year in Coffee: A Caffeinated Calendar
· Cosmic Vibrations In A Coffee Cup: The Indian Experience in Biodynamic Coffee
· Sticks & Stones: The Politics of Purity
· Against the Odds: A Dominican Exporter’s Tale
· Trekking the Land of Fire: Through Guatemala with the Roasters Guild
· Managing Quality in the Roasting Department
· Tender Mercy: Roasters and Retailers Come to Terms
· Espresso Moments: The Art & Science of Espresso
· Q & A: Espresso Italiano: So Unique, So Diverse
· Everyday Champions: Baristi Talk Shop
· In the Chips: Retailers Explore Cyber-Economics
· Better Together: Coffee and Food Parings Come of Age

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