May 2016: Tea Almanac

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ISLAND TEA: On the Big Island of Hawaii, growers are showing that tea might work best as a small-scale, garden-sized product. by Kevin Gascoyne

TEA FIELDS IN THE SHADOW OF MOUNT FUJI: Shizuoka Prefecture has grown tea in the foothills of Japan's iconic mountain since the thirteenth century. by Bruce Richardson

THE PAPERMAKERS:  The fibrous paper made of mulberry bark takes as much care and craft to create as the pu-erh it envelops. by Sarah Scarborough

BRINGING TEA TO BRITAIN, AGAIN: A wave of young British tea enthusiasts are reintroducing their fellow citizens to tea. by Michelle Comins

CHAI BAR BY DAVID RIO: San Francisco, California by Cory Eldridge

TEA BAR: Portland, Oregon by Ellie Bradley

SILK ROAD TEA: Victoria, British Columbia by Jessica Woollard

Jeffrey McIntosh. by Cory Eldridge

REMEMBERING DEVAN SHAH: The tea industry loses one of its leaders.

CAFÉ OUTFITTER: Teawares to take home. by Ellie Bradley

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