Tea Almanac 2006 (December 2005 issue)

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UNUSUAL ORIGINS: United Kingdom, Hawaii, Colombia
by Ian Boughton, Zoie Clift and Julie Beals

FROM BUSH TO CUP: 24 hours in the life of tea production
by Bruce Richardson

BURMA TEA: Laphet & the tea traditions of Burma
by Sebastian Beckwith

INFUSIONS: Tea trend of the future?
by Meagan Francis

TOMISLAV PODREKA: A life in tea: The tea-vangelist
by Julie Beals

A TEA FOR EVERY HOUR: A day in the life of a connoisseur
by Carla Passino

TEATIME TRADITIONS: Cultural reflections of tea from around the world
by Ian Boughton & Trudi Roark

2006 Tea Trends
A Basic Tea Library
Resource Directory
Origins of tea-related phrases

Paris, Mariage Frères
Montréal, Camellia Sinensis Maison de Thé
Jersey City, New Jersey, Janam Indian Tea Shop

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