April 2005

$ 3.00

TRAINING GROUNDS: Steps to a well-staffed coffeehouse by Monique Balas

THE PASSION OF THE PULL: A candid look at espresso machines and their owners by Robert Barnett

PLANNING YOUR ROUTE: A map to obtaining good credit by Kennedy Smith

THE WINDING ROAD: The converging paths of the coffee world
by Lisa Hoashi

ITALY'S CAFÉS: A retrospective by Bruce Milletto

NINE BARS: The other side of the table: Switching from competitor to judge
by Bronwen Serna

ROASTERS REALM: Roasting to extremes by Kathi Zollman

THE GREEN CAFÉ: Origin wakes up to café society by Karen Cebreros

THE SERENE CUP: When you don't know beans about tea
by Bruce Richardson 

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