April 2006

$ 3.00

THE LONG VOYAGE: Italian coffee's route to U.S. acceptance
by Bruce Milletto

A LIFE IN TEA: James Norwood Pratt's (not so) mad mission by Julie Beals

Special Section: Count your beans! 
What do whole beans really mean to you?
OVER THE COUNTER: Increasing your whole bean sales by Jodi Foutch
THE PRICE OF FRESHNESS: Selling whole beans on the Web 
by James Di Properzio

SENSATIONS IN SOY by Kristine Hansen

THE BIBLE BEAT: Kiosks and coffeehouses congregate in churches
by Chris Ryan

Special Tea Section
TAIWAN TEAHOUSES: Sanctuaries for the soul by Robin Stevens
RELIABLE QUALITY: Organic teas of China by Richard Guzauskas

WOMEN IN COFFEE: Saving El Salvador by Karen Cebreros

THE SERENE CUP: Four fresh faces on the New York tea scene by Bruce Richardson

ROASTERS REALM: Nobody likes to be labeled: Blends, organics, fair trade—why should we care? by Katie Downey

NINE BARS: You can’t be a barista for the rest of your life by Billy Wilson

CELEBRITY BUZZ: Tongue, cheek and half-caf caramel soy lattes by Phil Busse

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