April 2010

$ 5.00

IT'S NOT EASY SOURCING GREEN: Coffee pros work toward origin improvements by Chris Ryan

MOVE 'EM OR LOSE 'EM: How to design a shop with fantastic flow
by Dan Leif

APHRO-TEA-SIACS: Exploring the sexy side of infusions by Steven Krolak

ARABIAN BLIGHTS: Morocco's delightful coffee culture marred by subpar beans by Bruce Milletto

Mushrooms grown in coffee pulp empower African women by Libby Evans with David Pohl

DEEP ROOTS: Cerrado-area producers unearth cherished Brazilian coffees
by Chris Ryan

CAFÉ FINANCE: Playing the pricing game by Chris Legler

NINE BARS: Forging a signature by Lorenzo Perkins

ROASTERS REALM: Getting creative with profiles by Joel Pollock

THE STRATEGIC BREW: One shop's success tips by Lon LaFlamme

THE WHOLE LEAF: Tea blossoms in Hawaii by Laurie Nienhaus

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