April 2011

$ 5.00

MULLING MICRO-LOTS: Roasters, importers and growers have all adopted the term, but what does it actually mean? by Dan Leif

A TASTE OF THE ACTION: Shops usher in a new era of food appreciation
by Chris Ryan

ARID YET ABUNDANT: Brazil's once-lonesome Cerrado exemplifies the complexity of modern coffee farming—and farmers by Dan Leif

START KIDDING YOURSELF: A café that can cater to little ones may reap rewards by Kristine Hansen

BEST OF THE WEB: Compelling profiles you may have missed
by Chris Ryan and Dan Leif

TULSI PREPARES TO BLOSSOM: The versatile herbal is poised for a breakout year by Manish Shah

YOU HOLD THE POWER: Designing your café with laptop lovers in mind
by Rebecca Ragain

SHOW SHOTS: 2011 Coffee Fest Chicago

CAFÉ FINANCE: Groupon can bring flocks of customers—and financial pain
by Chris Legler

NINE BARS: Espresso and Coke? It's not as crazy as you think by Tony Riffel

ROASTERS REALM: The ins and outs of scoring wholesale accounts
by Marcus Young

THE WHOLE LEAF: You, too, can become a tea master by Bill Waddington


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