April 2015

$ 5.00

THE ONCE AND FUTURE COFFEE CAPITAL: London and the rest of the world are coming to terms with its rise as a world leader in coffee culture. Just a decade ago it was a wasteland. Or so we thought. by Cory Eldridge

THE PROVISIONAL CAFÉ: Their "catch me if you can" nature makes pop-ups exciting for consumers. But they have a lot to offer their proprietors, too. by Regan Crisp

HOSTILE TAKEOVER: The workplace has long been the domain of bad coffee. Two companies show that break rooms can possess not just great coffee but great preparation. by Peter D'Amato

BEHIND THE BAR: Bluebeard Coffee Roasters, Tacoma, Washington

IN HOUSE: Grinding, Part One by Nathanael May

THE WHOLE LEAF: Darjeeling's First Flush by Liz Clayton

THE WHOLE BEAN: Cold Brew, Hard Water by Erin Williamson

NINE BARS: Single-Origin Espresso by Emily McIntyre

CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Black Coffee Roasting, Missoula, Montana by Stephanie Parker

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