April 2016

$ 5.00

DO YOU KNOW TIMOTHY SCHILLING? The executive director of World Coffee Research explains how he got into and what his team is up to. by Cory Eldridge

When was the last time you had decaf? You wouldn't recognize it today. by Ellie Bradley

THE PARIS COFFEE REVOLUTION: Paris has been a city of cafés but not coffee. That's changed, and it's changed fast. by Anna Brones

A CULTURE OF HOSPITALITY: It doesn't matter how great your coffee is if you hire baristas who treat their customers as a burden. by Nathanael May

TRANSFORMING THE MOUNTAINTOP: Two Americans seek their neighbors help in running a coffee farm in Costa RIca. by Rachel Northrop


BEHIND THE BAR: Jubala by Cory Eldridge

IN HOUSE: The Overhaul: Part 1 by Brian Helfrich

THE WHOLE LEAF: Yaupon: American Caffeine by Abianne Falla and JennaDee Detro

THE WHOLE BEAN: One Roast to Rule Them All by Michael Butterworth

NINE BARS: A Sea of Signature Drinks by Kathryn Silverstein

CAFÉ CROSSROADS: French Truck Coffee by Ellie Bradley

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