August 2006

$ 3.00

DESIGN IT RIGHT, PART TWO: Remodeling: Is your café in need of a makeover? by Dawn Weinberger

THE CLEANER CONNECTION: Products that protect your equipment
by Chris Ryan

RETAIL LIGHTING: Brighten up or dim the lights by Heather Larson

BATHROON DESIGN: How appealing is your bathroom?

THE COLOR CONNECTION: The color of coffeehouses by Kristine Hansen

HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES: Menu planning for health-conscious customers
by Julie Beals

GLOBAL SCOPE: Filling the finance gap for coffee growers
by David Griswold

TEA BUSINESS: Bringing new hires into the world of tea (or coffee)
by Bill Waddington

CELEBRITY BUZZ: Tongue, cheek and half-caf caramel soy lattes
by Phil Busse

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