December 2019: Coffee Almanac

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CAFÉS WITH A CAUSE: We're spotlighting cafés that are not only serving up excellent drinks, but also giving back to their communities. by Kaitlin Throgmorton

A NEW WAVE OF THERMAL PRODUCTS IS HEATING UP THE MARKET: Keeping your drinks warm from point A to point B can be tough, but thermal products are continuously evolving to change that sentiment. by Janae Easlon

GREEN COFFEE CONTRACTING: How to plan your purchase. by Rachel Northrop

UNDERSTANDING THE COST CRISIS: A sustained low in the Commodity Market Price of coffee. by Michael Ryan

WORKING ON THE FRONTLINE, PART TWOBusiness leaders share how their own struggles pushed them to take action and create organizations that would provide help for hospitality employees. by Anastasia Prikhodko


DO YOU KNOW? Sunghee Tark, Bean Voyage by Caitlin Peterkin

CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Southdown Coffee by Rachel Northrop

ORIGIN: Peru by Caitlin Peterkin


THE LAST PLASTIC STRAW: B Corp by Robin Roenker

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