February 2005

$ 3.00

IN THE BAG: The ongoing revolution in specialty tea bags
by Amy C. Rea

SCAVENGER HUNT: Finding second-hand equipment
by Monique Balas

CUSTOM FIT: Creating a market for flavored tea
by Lisa Wynn

A TALE OF 3 CITIES: Bureaucracy and you
by Donna Gordon Blankinship

CALLING ALL ANGELS: Finding financing for coffeehouse startups
by Penelope Trunk

NEPAL TEA AND THE WORLD: Highlights from the tea conference in Kathmandu by David Drouin

ROASTERS REALM: A moving experience: Busting at the seams
by Paul Gilles

NINE BARS: A delicate alchemy: Exploring the hidden realms of espresso
by Jennifer Prince

BUSINESS BASICS: Creating art from a pitcher of milk
by Bruce Milletto

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