February 2010

$ 5.00

SWEET SELECTIONS: Using syrups to bring variety and distinction to
your menu by Chris Ryan

KICKING THE TIRES: How to navigate the sprawling, spendy espresso machine and grinder market by Dan Leif

THE WI-FI CONUNDRUM: Customers demand access, but will they abuse
the privilege? by Heather Larson

TRACING TEA: Western Europe by Sophie Ibbotson & Max Lovell-Hoare

CAFÉ FINANCE: What to demand from suppliers by Chris Legler

NINE BARS: Step away from the sugar by Matthew P. Williams

ROASTERS REALM: The world's smallest coffee harvest by Nickolas Butler

THE STRATEGIC BREW: Knowing you customer by Bruce Milletto

THE WHOLE LEAF: Menu items in your backyard by Manish Shah

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