February 2011

$ 5.00

CONSISTENCY AMID CHAOS: As retailers add locations, coffees and brew method after brew method, how can they maintain quality? by Dan Leif

PACKING & PROMOTING: How to make the most of your space and get people in your door to enjoy it by Chris Ryan

ALL SHOOK UP: Hong Kong's tea culture blends Chian, England and a lot of milk by Lindsey Goodwin

COFFEE SHOP LAW 101: Responding to litigation in the retail realm
by Daniel P. Smith

IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK: Coffee shops in historical buildings give new meaning to 'location, location, location' by Jodi Helmer

CAFE FINANCE: Your scheduling blend by Chris Legler

NINE BARS: Espresso? That's heavy by Trevor Corlett

ROASTERS REALM: Transformed roaster, transitioning coffee scene
by Joel Pollock

THE WHOLE LEAF: How'd you like to boost profits by $20,000?
by Marcus Stout

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