February 2014

$ 5.00

DITCHING HO-HUM COCOA: Six steps to improve your hot chocolate
by Daniel P. Smith

MODERN STEEP: Blending tradition with convenience for a better cup of tea by Regan Crisp

TRUE BLUE: Ancient Blue Batak coffee helps empower farmers in Indonesia
by Maya Albanese

A GROWING FAMILY: The Wertheims strive for social development at Rwanda's first private tea factory by Kevin Gascoyne

    CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Down Dog Healing Café by Regan Crisp

    BUSINESS BASICS: Cultivating a friendly atmosphere by Leah McMahon

    NINE BARS: What is cascara? by Brenna Ciummo

    ROASTERS REALM: Expanding within your reach by Jake Leonti

    THE WHOLE LEAF: They said we were crazy ... and they were probably right
    by Bill Waddington

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