February 2015

$ 5.00

KIDS WELCOME: Cafés that invite in the entire family can become the go-to place for parents who want the company of both a latte and their kids. Kids’ menus, toys, and play areas might draw them in, but remember: the coffee better be legit. by Jodi Helmer

ON THE SHOULDERS OF A COFFEE GIANT: A new farming venture, funded by a massive conglomerate, is using the technological and mechanical methods of Brazil’s high-volume farming to produce specialty coffee. by Jimmy Sherfey

ESPRESSOS IN THE BORDERLAND: While no Americans were looking, Tijuana made itself into a coffee city. by Pablo Lara

BEHIND THE BAR: Dogwood Coffee Company, Minneapolis

IN HOUSE: Bean Care by Nathanael May

THE WHOLE LEAF: Early Harvest Chinese Teas by Liz Clayton

THE WHOLE BEAN: Case Studies: Translating the Experience of a Green Buyer to the Consumer by Christian Ott

NINE BARS: The Tamping Debate by Erin Meister

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CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Do Your Thing, Marfa Texas by Regan Crisp

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