January 2010

$ 5.00

FINDING THE RIGHT MIX: Smooth out your menu with powder and liquid options by Chris Ryan
TRACING TEA: Russia & Eastern Europe
by Sophie Ibbotson & Max Lovell-Hoare
TRICKS OF THE TRADE SHOW: How to make the most of your exhibition investment by Dan Leif
TEA WITH SPIRIT: Liquor and the leaf find new ways to mingle
by Rebecca Ragain

CAFÉ FINANCE: Sustainability helps the planet—and your pocketbook
by Chris Legler
NINE BARS: Complexities and community in Monserrate
by Mike Marquard
ROASTERS REALM: Want Colombia's best coffee? You'll have to smuggle it
by Brian Franklin
THE STRATEGIC BREW: Making good in bad times
by Lon LaFlamme

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