January 2013

$ 5.00

Expert tips to more efficiently procure paper cups and sleeves by Dan Leif

RISE AND SHINE: Organization and staffing pointers to make the most of mornings by Emily McIntyre

AWASH WITH POSSIBILITY: A coffee party helps bring water system to Honduran village by Chris Ryan

THE MOST AFFORDABLE LUXURY: Despite the economic crunch, many specialty tea pros report growing interest in high-end teas by Daniel P. Smith

Elemental Coffee Roasters by Dan Leif

BUSINESS BASICS: Your shop’s doing well … but how are you holding up?
by Angela Macke

NINE BARS: Using lunch as a gateway to coffee by Jeremy Martin

ROASTERS REALM: When and how to merge with another roaster
by Christian Kar

THE WHOLE LEAF: Adding sharpened tea skills to the barista box
by Jared Nyberg

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