January 2014

$ 5.00

SIT & SIP: The perks of combining beverages and books by Regan Crisp

FROM THE GROUNDS UP: Understanding your grinder's burrs, temperature and more by Chris Ryan

STEPPING UP THE CONVERSATION: Let's Talk Coffee tackles how to get consumers interested in the seed-to-cup by Marcus Young

IT TAKES A VILLAGE: Small coffee businesses find life through online platforms by Jodi Helmer

CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Onyx Coffee Lab, Springdale, Ark. by Regan Crisp

BUSINESS BASICS: How to negotiate your commercial lease by Jeff Grandfield and Dale Willerton

NINE BARS: A path toward professional development by Nathanael May

ROASTERS REALM: Getting the most out of Instagram and Twitter
by Poul Mark

THE WHOLE LEAF: The magical pairing of tea and chocolate by Ahmed Rahim

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