January 2015

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ACROSS THE BUYER'S DESK: Leon Bedoya, Antioquia's coffee buyer by Rachel Northrop

KEEPING UP WITH MAMA CLAUDE: In Burundi, coffee farmers are also tea, bean, corn, and sweet potato farmers. One of them is Mama Claude by Kristy Carlson

CAUSE CONFUSION: Do customers even know what the logos at the bottom of bags mean? Is certified coffee the only means to do good at origin and for the environment? by Elliot Maras

A CULTURE OF DRINKS: Kombucha, shrubs, and kefir: fermented drinks find their way into cafés. by Regan Crisp

BEHIND THE BAR: Barista Parlour, Nashville

IN HOUSE: Training Your Way to Excellence by Nathanael May

THE WHOLE LEAF: Beverage Science: Finding GABA in Tea by Linda Villano

THE WHOLE BEAN: Pairing Beans with Brewers by Jon Allen

NINE BARS: The Refractometer by Erin Meister

CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Mahlefitz, Munich by Jenn Chen

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