July 2012

$ 5.00

LOVING THE LEARNING: Simplicity and enthusiasm are vital when teaching tea categories to customers by Dan Leif
ON THE MOVE, ON THE RISE: Coffee finds its place in the food-cart craze by Jennifer Ward Barber
UNENDING UNREST: Worker strikes seem constant in Darjeeling—here’s what lies behind them by Lindsey Goodwin
SMALL FARMER, BIG PLANS, Part V: After topsy-turvy year, disappointment blends with progress by Patrick Hughes

SHOW SHOTS: SCAA 2012 photos by Cynthia Meadors
CAFÉ FINANACE: You don’t need a traditional store, but you do need planning by Chris Legler
CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Barrington Coffee Roasting Co. by Dan Leif
NINE BARS: Latin America repeats at WBC, U.S. battles but falls short by Chris Ryan
ROASTERS REALM: Coffee auctions—to bid or not to bid? by Chuck Jones
THE WHOLE LEAF: Intelligentsia’s tea director talks origin, price and coolness by Chris Ryan

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