July 2013

$ 5.00

ANOTHER MONTH, ANOTHER DISCOVERY: Web-based coffee subscription companies are well aligned with desires of modern consumers
by Dan Leif

MANUAL TRANSMISSION: Tips on perfecting single-cup brewing and passing on the passion to customers by Holly Bastin

LOCATE, HIRE, RETAIN: How to ease the pain of the staffing process
by Daniel P. Smith

BURNING YOUR BOTTOM LINE: Learn to protect your business from the looming danger of hot-coffee spills
by Jeffrey L. Karlin

CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Artifact Coffee in Baltimore by Dan Leif

BUSINESS BASICS: Managing your personality by Dilia Narduzzi

NINE BARS: Newly crowned Pete Licata breaks down his WBC victory
by Chris Ryan

ROASTERS REALM: Talking to your baristas by Andrew Russo

THE WHOLE LEAF: From tea garden to consumer, in a click by Dan Bolton

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