July 2015

$ 5.00

EDIBLE INFUSIONS: Annelies Zijderveld’s Steeped exposes drinkers to a wider world of culinary tea. by Carrie Havranek

LABEL ON HIGH: The transparency integral to three companies’ packaging shows the rewards of a more educated brew. By Alexis Siemons

THE FUTURE, INFUSED: At the intersection of science, technology, and style, modern brewing equipment smooths out tea retail’s high-volume hurdles, and looks to a future of automated tea. by Regan Crisp

BEYOND THE PASTRY CASE: A new breed of café shows that great food can, and should, take its place beside the espresso machine. by Cory Edridge

BEHIND THE BAR: Roast House Coffee, Spokane, Washington

IN HOUSE: Mind the Dose by Nathanael May

THE WHOLE LEAF: Scented Harvest by Liz Clayton

THE WHOLE BEAN: The Flavor of Green by Rob Hoos

NINE BARS: Barista as Bartender: Zade Womack by Cody Kirkland

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CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Comins Tea House, Sturminster Newton, Dorset by Regan Crisp

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