June 2019

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TAIWAN'S INFLUENCE ON TEA TRENDS: Taiwan has pioneered several specialty tea trends now popular across North America. But why does Taiwan have such an influence on beverage trends? And what's the next one? By Susan Johnston Taylor

HANDCRAFTED TEAWARE: Today, a growing number of ceramicists and teahouses, tea shops, cafés, and restaurants are pushing the boundaries by adding a curated dimension to tea service: handcrafted custom-made teaware. By Anna Mariani

THIRD-WAVE TEA WITH LIQUID GOLD: Tea purveyor Corinne Trang pours mindfulness with each cup. By Lindsey Danis


DRINK OF THE MONTH: Green Queen Hemp By Steap Tea Bar

BEHIND THE BAR: Hidden House Coffee Roasters By Caitlin Peterkin

CAFÉ CROSSROADS: The Grotto By Kayla Desroches

CAFÉ CRAWL: Honolulu, Hawaii By Kristine Hansen

THE LAST PLASTIC STRAW: Embracing Sustainability By Robin Roenker

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