March 2014

$ 5.00

RAW POWER: The enigmatic past and promising future of kombucha
by Regan Crisp

CLEANING UP AFTER COFFEE: Coffee produces waste along the production chain. here's how those by-products can be used by Cory Eldridge

BRINGING UP BONTOC: A new program seeks to usher the Philippines into the global coffee market by Wes Kerlin

TEA FINDS ITS HARD SIDE: Tea and spirits rekindle a lost, and delicious, connections by Jeanette Hurt

BUSINESS BASICS: Trade show strategies by Chris Legler

NINE BARS: The complex science and indelible style of crema
by Zacharay Conley

ROASTERS REALM: Coffee at the speed of Formula 1 by Sarah Posma

THE WHOLE LEAF: Building a tea program: Relationships trump flavor
by Jared Nyberg

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