March 2016

$ 5.00

DO YOU KNOW JOEY STAZZONE? The owner of Cafe Kreyól took a strange route into coffee. by Cory Eldridge

The most important piece of coffee equipment that you own. by Michael Butterworth

BLAZING THE COFFEE TRAIL: How the coffee community in Columbus banded together and recruited the city to help spread the word of local coffee. by Lara Kaylor

THE DETROIT STIMULUS: The city's blooming coffee scene might be a pioneer industry that encourages the community and even incubates new businesses. by Kristine Hansen


BEHIND THE BAR: Onyx Coffee Lab by Cory Eldridge

IN HOUSE: After the Training Glow by Nathanael May

THE WHOLE LEAF: Preaching Pu-erh by Nicholas Lozito

THE WHOLE BEAN: Connecting at Auction by Brian Helfrich

NINE BARS: Sundance Pop-Up by Cody Kirkland

CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Spyhouse Coffee Roasters by Kathryn Silverstein

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