March 2017

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DO YOU KNOW BILL LOMBARDO? The CEO of Monin Gourmet Flavorings talks flavor trends, clean labeling, and the next pumpkin spice. by Ellie Bradley

IS YOUR CAFÉ KID FRIENDLY? Sometimes simply smiling and welcoming a frazzled set of parents is all it takes to show your kid-friendly colors. by Ellie Bradley & Chris Lucia

QUESTIONING THE QUEUE: New service models in specialty coffee and how they're changing ideas about workflow. by Michael Butterworth

FROM FARM TO TEACUP: Farm-to-teacup brews offer local flavors previously missing from blends crafted in the United States. With a wide range of ingredients to choose from, teamakers are limited only by their imaginations. by Jodi Helmer

PUBLIC EDUCATION PROGRAMS: What are the benefits and challenges of running public education programs? Will they help your company grow? by Willona M. Sloan


BEHIND THE BAR: Steadfast Coffee, Nashville, Tennessee by Ellie Bradley


IN HOUSE: Coloring Outside the Lines by Susan Johnston Taylor

 Afternoon Tea by Amy Dubin

THE WHOLE BEAN: Thinking Beyond the Bean by Ellie Bradley

NINE BAR: A Day in the Life of a Competitive Barista by Garrett Oden

CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Cat & Cloud Coffee, Santa Cruz, California by Elizabeth Chai

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