May 2005

$ 3.00

POD PEOPLE: The value of specialty coffee pods
by Laura Morris

THE BIG CHILL: Sweltering summers call for soothing iced teas
by Kennedy Smith

TAKEOUT: The profits of portability
by Nick Obourn

SQUEEZE APPEAL: Juices and smoothies—fruits worth the labor
by Julie Beals

SLOW & STEADY: Keeping traffic moving through your coffeehouse
by Margo Chase

BRANCHING OUT: Growing your business through franchising
by Sharon Barnett

TAKING THE TITLE: A recap of this year's U.S. Barista Championship
by Julie Beals

ROASTERS REALM: Insuring success
by Dave Charleville

NINE BARS: Baristas raise the bar at the 2005 USBC
by Ellie Hudson-Matuszak

THE WHOLE CUP: Tokyo's take on coffee: Old traditions and new brews
by Sherri Johns

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