May 2006

$ 3.00

GADGETS: The latest tools aimed at ease of operation
by Chris Ryan
GLOBAL SCOPE: Yemen coffee in the specialty market
by David Griswold

GOT THE GOODS? Making the most of merchandising
by Steven Krolak
CHANGE FOR THE BETTER: Organizations improve the lives of coffee farmers and their families
by Jodi Helmer
GIMME THE GREEN: There's a home roasting enthusiast near you; here's what you need to know
by Julie Beals

MATCHMAKING: The iced latte
by Carla Passino
ROASTERS REALM: Nobody likes to be labeled II: Discrimination
by Katie Downey
NINE BARS: Espresso Catering: The coffee bar on location
by Barb Granados
TEA BUSINESS: Too many teas, too little space
by Bill Waddington
CELEBRITY BUZZ: A Hollywood Story: Coffee!
by Phil Busse

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