May 2014

$ 5.00

Special Section: Cold-Brew Tea & Coffee
A (CHEMICALLY) DIFFERENT CUP OF TEA:  A refreshing twist on an American favorite by Cory Eldridge

Special Section: Cold-Brew Tea & Coffee
Going beyond iced coffee by Regan Crisp

GOING PRO: Climbing the coffee career ladder by Emily McIntyre

EXPERIMENTS WITH TRADITION: Taking on rust and empowering women in El Salvador by Jimmy Sherfey

BEHIND THE BAR: Blueprint Coffee, Saint Louis

CAFÉ OUTFITTERS: Gear, goods, and whatnot for your shop

IN HOUSE: Heading to Origin by Cory Eldridge

THE WHOLE LEAF: Kombucha Cocktails by Jeanette Dainty

FIRST CRACK: Delicious Collaborations by Beverly Magtanong

NINE BARS: Competing for Community
by Matthew Barahura and Jessica Percifield

CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Good & Proper, London by Regan Crisp

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