May 2015

$ 5.00

THE FARMERS' CHAMPION IS ON THE MARCH: Rick Peyser, an advocate for farmers and laborers, explains his next project. by Cory Eldridge

COLA BEWARE: An upswing in soda styles is taking craft carbonation to new heights. by Regan Crisp

TEA OF THE NORTHERN ISLE: In a scenic valley on Vancouver Island, Canada’s first-ever tea plantation is nothing short of miraculous. by Lu Ann Pannunzio

WHITE KNIGHT TAKES BLACK COFFEE: A library of tabletop games offers customers a social activity that can brighten the atmosphere of a café. by Susan Johnston

BEHIND THE BAR: Oddly Correct, Kansas City, Missouri

IN HOUSE: Grinding, Part Two by Nathanael May

THE WHOLE LEAF: House-aged Pu-erh by Alexis Siemons

THE WHOLE BEAN: The Effect of Roast on Profile Body by Rob Hoos

NINE BARS: Tea Latte Esteem by Emily McIntyre

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CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Clement & Pekoe, Dublin by Regan Crisp