November 2006

$ 3.00

YOUR IDENTITY: Standing out in a crowd
by Chris Ryan
TEA BUSINESS: Extreme Sampling
by Bill Waddington

YOUR BRAND: Who do you want to be?
by Julie Beals
ROASTING AND RETAILING: Cafés control their destinies by taking over both sides of the business
by Terry Davis
COFFEE COMPASS: ST. HELENA: Island of exile’s exquisite coffee
by Cindy-Lou Dale

NINE BARS: Putting a name on taste
by Jason Burton
ROASTERS REALM: Surviving slow times
by Tom Becklund
GLOBAL SCOPE: Predicting the future of coffee: The work of Judy Ganes, coffee commodity analyst
by David Griswold
MATCHMAKING: Afternoon tea
by Carla Passino
ICE IS NICE: Drinking iced coffee year-round
by Kara Newman

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