October 2008

$ 3.00

EASY DOES IT: Choosing a distributor that's right for you
by Jeanette Hurt

TEATREK: NEPAL: Tea at new heights
by Frank Miller

SPECIAL SECTION: Business Models Dissected
PRET-A-PORTER AND BEYOND: Bespoke firms tailor coffee to your needs
by Steven Krolak

POWER—AND PROFITS—TO THE PEOPLE: Exploiting the cooperative advantage
by Steven Krolak
TWO FOR ONE: Combining your café with another business
by Xylia Buros

NINE BARS: WBC evolves with new rules and sponsors
by Chris Ryan
ROASTERS REALM: Expanding your palate beyond the cupping table
by Scott Merle
THE GREEN CAFÉ: Product packaging even your composter will love
by Rebekah L. Fraser

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