October 2013

$ 5.00

MORE THAN CONVENIENCE: RTD tea manufacturers ramp up the quality push by Chris Ryan

FEMALE FORCE: Women step to the forefront in all facets of specialty coffee and tea by Regan Crisp

SEEDS OF SPECIALTY: Progressive estate pushes Malawi toward better-quality tea by Kevin Gascoyne

A RESILIENT NATION: For Indian farmers large and small, coffee production is no easy feat by Nathanael May

10 Speed Coffee by Regan Crisp

BUSINESS BASICS: How to come out on top in a trademark dispute
by Kurt Stauffer

NINE BARS: Regional barista competitions get a makeover by Chris Ryan

ROASTERS REALM: Spanning coffee communities by Nathan Westwick

THE WHOLE LEAF: Part 1: Is tea ready for the big time? by Manish Shah


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