October 2014

$ 5.00

THE LAND OF THE UNLIKELY: Guatemala redefines Central American agriculture by Linda Villano

CAFÉS IN THE SUBURBS OF A COFFEE MECCA: Portland suburbs speak up by Emily McIntyre

AUTUMNAL STEEPS: Warming tea recipes to complement fall's cool by Alexis Siemons

CUSTOMIZING THE COUNTERTOP'S MAIN CHARACTER: The beauty of custom espresso machines by Cory Eldridge

BEHIND THE BAR: Prufrock Coffee, London by Cory Eldridge

IN HOUSE: Opening a Second Shop by Chris Legler

THE WHOLE LEAF: Scottish Steep: Growing Tea in the Highlands by Regan Crisp

THE WHOLE BEAN: Small Roasters, Unite! by Jon Allen

NINE BARS: Housemade Nut Milk  by Kevin Foth

CAFÉ CROSSROADS: Brew, Traverse City, Michigan by Kathy Belden

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