September 2013

$ 5.00

PLEASING A TOUGH CROWD: Turning difficult customer service situations into positive interactions by Regan Crisp

FULLY FURNISHED: How to best employ tables, chairs and more in your café by Chris Ryan

HISTORIC TURNED HEALTHY: Largely ignored olive leaf tea may find new life as herbal infusion by Lindsey Goodwin

FETCHING NEW BUSINESS: Cafés discover unlikely partner in dog washes
by Jeanette Hurt

Taylor Maid Farms by Regan Crisp

BUSINESS BASICS: How do I put a price on my shop's furniture by Chris Legler

NINE BARS: There's more than one way to start a shop by Matt Milletto

ROASTERS REALM: Trading coffee—and then some by Chris de Mezzo

THE WHOLE LEAF: Varieties are the spice of life by Sarah Scarborough

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