September 2016

$ 5.00

DO YOU KNOW JOE MARROCCO AND MEISTER? The Cafe Imports duo and coffee debate team. by Cory Eldridge

 Alejandro Mendez chose Wisconsin, of all places, to open his first US café. His path there began more than twenty years before. by Kristine Hansen

GETTING YOUR MENU IN ORDER: Building your menu with intention, with your customers and staff in mind, sets a foundation for a successful café. by Ellie Bradley

NEW YORK'S OWN COFFEE: New York City has grown its own coffee scene, featuring staff and customers as diverse as the city itselfby Rachel Northrop

HANDING OVER THE KEYS: Identifying, training, and empowering a potential manager from your crew is vital to the health of not just your café but yourself. by Kerry Miller


CAFÉ OUTFITTER: Bean-to-Bar chocolate by Ellie Bradley

IN HOUSE: Let It Flow by Nathanael May

 Japanese Iced Tea by Lauren Purvis

THE WHOLE BEAN: The Case for Naturals by Andrea Allen

NINE BARS: So You Think You Can Taste by Michael Butterworth

ORIGIN: A Matter of Tasting by Cory Eldridge

CAFÉ CROSSROADS: The Fika Company, Redondo Beach by Ellie Bradley

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