Tea Almanac 2010 (December 2009 issue)

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LAOS' WILD SIDE: Exploring the nation's forest tea
by Frank Miller

NATURAL REFRESHMENT: Reaping the benefits of fruit-based teas
and tisanes
by Rebekah L. Fraser

LAND OF THE FORGOTTEN LEAF: As Romania re-emerges from its Soviet past, tea culture
begins to flourish once again
by Janis Badarau

TAIWAN TEACHINGS: A curious tea lover heads across the world—and some slick mountains roads—to learn
about leaf cultivation
by Jodet Ghougassian

LIFE IN TEA: Plantation veteran Manik Jayakumar connects the world through tea
by Chris Ryan

THE PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL: Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
by Andrew Hind and Maria Da Silva

SIPPING STREAMS TEA CO.: Fairbanks, Alaska
by Rebecca Ragain

GAYGRACE TEAS: Concord, Mass.
by Dan Leif

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