Tea Almanac 2014 (December 2013)

$ 5.00

HOME AWAY FROM HOME: India staple chai carves out vital place on U.S. café menus by Chris Ryan

A LIFE IN TEA: Industry veteran Steven Smith discusses the quality-minded approach by Regan Crisp

STEERING THE SHIP: Exceptional customer service starts with you
by Cora Vasseur

SPIRITED TEA: With powerful backers, Nepali growers ease their product into the mainstream by Sarah Scarborough

OUTSIDE THE CUP: Tea as makeup, cleaner and more—and how to create concoctions on your own by Linda Villano

    MARGARET'S FINE IMPORTS: Pittsburgh by Peter Agostinelli

    PAPER & TEA: Berlin by Melanie Sevcenko

    CAPITAL TEA: Denver by Daniel P. Smith
      TREND OF THE YEAR: Did Starbucks just redefine the future of the teahouse? by Chris Ryan

      FOR THE SHELF IN YOUR SHOP: This year's tea library by Regan Crisp

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